Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Players & Members

These codes of conduct have been produced to ensure the club runs efficiently and as professionally as possible.  All these codes have been agreed at the AGM


All club members shall submit personal details including a valid email address and contact number during registration with the club.  Each member is responsible for checking regularly (weekly as a minimum) emails, notice board and the club’s website.

All members are responsible to provide answers to email requests in timely fashion.  This will enable efficient communication and planning of the various club activities.


All players will make every effort to attend weekly training sessions, if however they cannot attend then the player is to inform the coach as early as possible and reasons why.  If the player is attending training but will be late, again they must inform the coach as early as possible and when arriving at training, it is their responsibility to get warmed up as quickly as possible.

If the player is injured (short term) they are still to make the effort to attend training and assist the coach.  If the injured player is out long term, then they are to check weekly with the coach to see if they are required to assist the coach.

National League

All players will pay their own registration,  if the player is injured during the season and unable to fulfil matches then as long as they have still been involved (details below) then a refund will be considered by the elected club committee.  The committee’s decision shall be final.

Players who decide that they no longer wish to commit to matches after registration or who are injured for the remaining season are to inform their coach, team secretary and club treasurer and must give 1 months notice before cancelling standing orders.

All players are to ensure they have a complete copy of the fixtures including cup games at the start of the season.  Any player not able to make a game must inform the coach as soon as possible.

Fixtures will be placed onto the clubs website and notice board.  Coaches will not chase players to check availability.

Players must ensure they are aware of their scoring/line judging commitments, a list will be placed onto the club notice board and website.  If you are unable to fulful your slot, then it is your resonsibility to find someone to replace you.

Any players that are injured during the season must attend all home matches and the closer away matches, unless due to you injury you are unable to travel or you were unavailable to play that game at the start of the season.

Players will travel to home and away games in kit, which includes tracksuit.  All kit including playing shirts and tracksuits (unless you have paid £55 for the tracksuit) must be returned when you leave the club.

All players must pay the monthly fee by standing order, any player not paying by this means may not be allowed to play.  It is not the responsibility of the club treasurer, team secretary or the coach to chase players for their fees.  Any player wishing to transfer to another club (in or out of season) must return their full kit and have fees paid up to date, until this is done the transfer form will not be signed.

I acknowledge the above codes of conduct and will abide by them:

Signed by Player ………………………………………

Name ……………………………………………………….

Date ………………………………………………………….

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