Volley 123 Clubmark

The English Volleyball Association started this clubmark a few years ago to recognise clubs that catered for various things within each club.

Volley 123 is the club accreditation scheme for volleyball within England, and as such has been designed to recognise and reward clubs that stand apart from the rest in terms of good practice.  A club that achieves accreditation will be a mark of a quality club that is friendly, inclusive, equitable, well-run and most importantly safe for all.  With Volley 1 accreditation the club also achieves the prestigious Sport England Clubmark award, and therefore grants become available to them.

There are four accreditation awards: Side out (for clubs that do not cater for juniors); Volley 1; Volley 2; and Volley 3.

Clubmark accreditation is awarded to clubs that comply with minimum operating standards in four area:-

•            The playing programme

•            Duty of care and child protection

•            Sports equity and ethics

•            Club management

Portsmouth Volleyball Club achieved Volley 1 in August 2007, and in  October 2008 accredited as a Volley 2 club. In December 2010 the club finally made the grade and was accredited as a Volley 3 club, at the time being only the fourth club within England to achieve this standard.



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